My Life.

My Life.

Hi! I’m Brittaniy Buckingham. I am a passionate Dental Hygienist located in Oregon. I have my Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene acquired from Oregon Institute of Technology and am registered with the Oregon Board of Dentistry. As a dental hygienist, I perform hygiene services such as a regular cleaning, however, I am also licensed to administer local anesthesia, nitrous oxide can perform restorative functions, and have an expanded practice license. I am so passionate about what I do, and I want to be able to share my life and knowledge with the world. I work as a dental hygienist in a few different private practices and love to answer my patients burning dental questions. I am asked hundreds of questions a day ranging from whitening, how to brush properly, and how I feel about different products on the market today. I love being able to educate my patients and want to reach a larger community. I am continually learning, and strive to expand the knowledge of others. Not only am I passionate about dentistry, I also love love love fitness and beauty! I am always staying up to date with the latest beauty trends and love talking about ways to look and feel great. Throughout my blog, I will discuss numerous dental related topics, but will also talk about my favorite beauty and fitness trends, along with my favorite ways to incorporate my passions into daily life. I hope I can help inspire you to reach optimal oral and overall health to look and feel great!


Thanks for reading

Brittaniy Buckingham, BS RDH


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